Aikido is an art that in today's society is often considered ineffective as a fighting art. This observation is simply one made from a short-sighted perspective. The origins of aikido principle are ancient. These principles are the foundation on which all martial technique, modern or ancient, are built. The training intent of aikido is not to prepare one for the competitive arena. The intent is to deeply explore these principles in order to not only better understand how fighting techniques work and how to deal with them; but, more importantly, to use this study to better understand ourselves and our interactions with others.  

Tri-City Aikiaki studies the practical application of traditional aikido technique in order to enhance the physical and mental state of the practioner. Studies are enhanced with the use of weapons as well as comparative studies of wushu (preying mantis, shaolin, baqua) karate, kendo and jiujitsu.

​Tri - City Aikikai Dojo