Tri-City Aikikai is a traditional aikido dojo focused on teaching effective application of the principle and theory of aikido with comparative studies in Japanese weapons, wu-shu, and karate. Our training consists of basic exercise through the movements inherent in aikido and other arts to give the student skill in timing, distancing, and recognizing aggressive body language while developing greater flexibility, balance and the muscle response needed to be able to react with control when faced with a violent situation. Though aikido does not have the intent to fight, or  compete, it does prepare the serious student with very good martial sensibilities that will enable him or her to protect themselves.

Training with traditional weapons such as bokken, jo staff, and tanto enhances the sense of urgency needed to deal with possibilities of actual confrontations. Real situations are impossible to predict. Training that is too specific sets one up for failure. We train as close to free movement as is possible in regard to each individuals abilities. Any system that does not have an element of changeability will not be able to respond in real time to actual events. Weapons work brings with it greater possibilities of change; therefore, the need to be able to read change is perhaps the greatest benefit of weapons study.

Training intensity is set by the individual. As technique is more fully understood, the level of speed and power during practice is adjusted to challenge us to grow in skill, without causing increased risk of injury.

This approach allows nearly anyone, regardless of athleticism, age, or prior experience to gain something from the art.