Tri - City Aikikai has a long and varied history. Organized  in 1972  by Sensei Roy a. Stout, the focus was competitive karate and self-defense based heavily on police defensive tactics taught to Sensei Stout by Master Sensei Hulon  L. Willis. Coach Willis is credited with being on the forefront of those integrating police work with martial arts. This brought on effective changes in the approach police departments used in dealing with physical control of suspects. These techniques taught had their foundation in the Japanese art of Aikido.

    Sensei Stout worked with Coach Willis in training new recruits in defensive tactics for many years and continued teaching at the various police academies in the state. After Master Willis passed, Sensei Stout carried on his work for many years. During this time the dojo studied Praying Mantis kung-fu, kendo, and began its relationship with Saotome Mitsugi Shihan, head-master and founder of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.

    As Sensei Stout's senior student, Sensei Mike Costley continued  supporting the dojo through competition in wu-shu, continued his studies of  kendo, iaido and aikido under the leading students of the ASU, reaching the level of sandan. Sensei Costley also holds a seventh degree ranking in preying mantis wu-shu and  basic training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with a blue belt rank from Royce Gracie and Luis Palhares. With over 44 years of study, Sensei Costley brings to the dojo a deep understanding of martial principles and their applications and relevance to daily life. The teaching offered at Tri-City Aikikai is focused on the correlations between the traditional arts of aikido, karate, wu-shu, Japanese swordsmanship and life to offer each student the opportunity to discover an approach to the martial arts that will be their own.